Not memorizing but understanding is the key to success.

The current question catalog for the Class B driving license, your car license, contains almost 1,200 questions. Just that makes memorization challenging. Naturally, it makes more sense to know and understand why, when, and who has the right of way – and what else you need to consider while driving or parking.

FahrAPP makes it easy for you: for each question, it provides a learning tip that gives you an initial hint for answering. If that's not enough, you can read the detailed driving teacher's comment. Additionally, with a premium access, you can check the eBook and get explanatory videos for all video questions.

Study regularly. 25 minutes every now and then already make a big difference!

Learning regularly, repeatedly, is the easiest way to go. And with these tips, you'll progress quickly:

1. You're fortunate to have a top-notch app for your preparation. FahrAPP not only offers all official questions but also the "Clevertraining" that takes you from easy to difficult quickly for success.

2. The offline mode makes it easy for you to learn anywhere and anytime (even without the internet). Use the app during short breaks or while you're on the go to continuously deepen your knowledge.

3. Use the numerous training options in the extras: review incorrectly answered questions or practice the relevant questions directly after a theory session. If you have a textbook (also available as an eBook in FahrAPP Premium), you can read a chapter in it and then learn the corresponding questions.

4. Make it a habit to practice at the same time or on the same day of the week. Also, don't practice for too long so that you remain motivated. Getting your driver's license is an important step in your life; make learning for it a positive experience. FahrAPP also helps you with that.

5. Memorize the rules of thumb. They are the key to understanding stopping, reaction, and braking distances. You'll find the basics in the eBook, and in the extras, we provide you with 2 training sessions on numerical questions. Use these as well as the "Difficult Questions" training again, just before your exam.

6. Simulate exams: consciously sit down and don't let yourself be disturbed during the simulated exams. Through this practice and concentration on the essential, you gain confidence and routine before your appointment at TÜV or DEKRA.

7. Examine the exam results closely. Read the driving teacher's comments for incorrectly answered questions or read the eBook. This way, you understand why each answer is right or wrong. You can also discuss the results with your driving teacher; they surely have additional valuable tips for you.

8. Stay calm and composed: It's normal to be nervous before exams. Remember that the examiner wants to support you. Stay calm, and don't put yourself under pressure. It can help if you take a short moment just for yourself before the exam and gather your thoughts.

Is a specific topic causing difficulties? For example, "right of way"? Then go to the extras. There, under lessons, you'll find the main topics and can specifically learn all questions there.

Good luck with your preparation and the upcoming exam!