Most likely your CD/DVD drive is not reading the DVD properly. Are other DVDs read correctly? Please be sure to test other DVD-ROMs, not CD-ROMs or video DVDs.

Easiest solution: You can learn with FahrAPP. Simply download FahrAPP and register directly. You find your registration code inside the CD case on the left side.

We recommend that you download the latest drivers and firmware from your manufacturer. There is probably not a correct driver installed. If the computer manufacturer does not provide you with a new driver/firmware, the drive manufacturer may be able to help.

Computers with e.g. copy protection bypass software or virtual drives installed may react like yours. Have you possibly installed an appropriate program (daemon tools, etc.)? If a virtual drive is present, it must be deactivated.

You should try inserting the CD into your drive several times beforehand. With newer drives, fast accesses to the CD often cause reading errors. Often programs like NeroDrivespeed ( - free and secure to download from, which you can also install on Windows 7 or 10 in compatibility mode (Windows XP), can help.

Problems can also occur with other programs that write directly to CDs. Please disable the function "Use DLA (Drive Letter Access)" in the drive settings (by right-clicking on the drive and unchecking or under "Properties").